Apr 10, 2012

two things on a tuesday

1. So you guys know the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy that's been floating around the internet for the past week? This one:

Well this picture was actually taken a few weeks ago at the Cooper River Bridge Run that's held here every year in Charleston. I was talking to my brother over coffee last week (he goes to my alma mater and we like to meet and work together in a nearby coffee house, he's a writer too so it's kind of fun to just chill and write together). He leans over to me eyes wide and says, "There's just one degree of separation between me and an internet meme!"

Apparently Ridiculously Photogenic Guy is the brother of one of his high-school classmates. This got me thinking of how random and weird it would be to become famous as an internet meme. RPG did nothing but look at the camera at the exact moment someone was shooting. Days later he's internet famous and has people calling him for interviews/gushing over his good looks! How crazy is that?

On the other hand I'm not so surprised, because according to surveys, Charleston is where America's most attractive people live.

2. Husband has returned from his crazy long and involved documentary across America! He hasn't finished the video yet (there's hours and hours and hours of footage waiting to be waded through), but he has finished these short teasers:

It's good to have him home, and I'm very proud of what he's managed to get done!

All right! I'm off to write 2000 words!

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