Mar 1, 2012

the best fruit in the world

So I was browsing the wonderful aisles of Wally-world yesterday when this caught my eye:

What is so special about green tea, you ask? Look closer and you shall see.

It's not just green tea, my friends. It's green tea with dragonfruit.

I was introduced to dragonfruit at the tender age of 20, when I went over to Cambodia for six weeks to live in the slums and teach English to the precious children who lived there. Southeast Asia has so many delicious fruits that I'd never seen before: lychees, mangosteens, oranges with green peels. But it was dragonfruit that stole my heart. Who couldn't love a fruit that looks like this:

Hot pink! With dragon scales!! The insides sometimes look like a white kiwi (there are other versions which are very pink). I was addicted to it during the trip. And when I returned home to the states I was very disappointed to realize that they don't import them here. The only way I could sate my desire for dragonfruit was by buying Vitamin Water's Power-C flavor (the bright pink one.)

Three years later, when I traveled to Thailand with my husband, I introduced him to the joys of dragonfruit:

Needless to say, this tea makes me happy. Thank you, Lipton, for sating my cravings.


  1. I like dragon fruit as well. The name fits since it looks mythical and not like something that actually exists. Enjoy your tea :-)

    1. In retrospect, that's probably why I loved it so much. Because it was named after dragons. ;)