Mar 22, 2012

fending off the SNIS (shiny new idea syndrome)

As I have written many a time before, perseverance is the key to becoming a published writer. This rule also continues to apply after you have "made it" and gotten a publishing contract.

Right now I'm bushwhacking my way through the second draft of my SouthernGothicNovel. Yes. Bushwhacking. With proverbial machete and all. I'm hacking away scenes. Splintering them beyond repair (at least, right now it seems that way). Bushwhack revising is depressing and discouraging. Bushwhack revising sometimes makes me want to cry. (True confession).

And it is exactly times like this, that the SNIS starts tracking me. Ready to pounce and take me away at a moments notice.

SNIS. Shiny New Idea Syndrome.

So I'm standing, staring at this absolute mess of my novel in progress, thinking of all the laborious sweat filled agonizing hours it will take to make it reparable. And a shiny new idea sidles up to me.

Me: Oh, hello.

SNI: Look! I'm so neat! And new! And exciting! I have an amazing plot and flawless characters and awesome settings! Write me! Write me!

Me: You do look nice.

SNI: No one will know if you write a page or two. Come on. Leave this work for later, explore my worlds!

Oh, readers. This is so temping. The siren song of the shiny new idea.

There is a problem though.

You see, I have a queue of WIPs. The second round of edits of LUMINANCE HOUR, the revising of SouthernGothicNovel, the completion of CutthroatNovel, and the second book of LUMINANCE HOUR which has yet to be born. Adding one more would be insanity.

So, I did what any self-respecting author might do. I wrote the first two pages of SNI and a synopsis. I'm really excited about it. It's a good idea. A good one. But, I took those 2 pages and synopsis, saved them into a file, and buried them, deep deep deep into my computer.

It could take years before I make it to SNI (which I suppose then will be a SOI, shiny old idea). But at least it will be there. Waiting.

For now I have to keep bushwhacking.


  1. Oh man, I've been having a similar problem. Except that mine has come not in the middle of revisions, but in the middle of a first draft. Insanity.

    Me: Ugh. Why do things always get hard when I hit 15,000 words?
    SNI: I would never slow you down at 15,000. I'm THAT good.
    Me: Stop distracting me.
    SNI: But I'm sooooo pretty.
    SOI: Don't forsake me!!


  2. You can't fight the feeling. Besides, spending time on another project help the roots dig deep and seek new sources of strength—--Wow, that was good! Somebody write that down.

    Cheers! Good luck with revisions.

    1. Thanks, Bethany! I'm tucking the idea away for now. :)

  3. Love it! Lucky you to be bombarded with so many good ideas... I'm usually standing on the street corner begging for ideas like people beg for change. Here's hoping your hacking (AND shiny new idea) pan out into something beautiful!

    1. Thanks, LisaAnn! I probably get struck with a new idea once every 6-10 months, so it's impossible to keep up. Have to pick and choose... :/