Mar 9, 2012

latest musical obsessions

I realize I've been lax in posting my most recent musical infatuations with you guys. So here goes:

Nick Drake's "Three Hours" is such an awesome song. So sombre and almost like a ballad. Exactly the kind of song you need to listen to to get your angst on. (Or to write heart-breaking scenes set in the Civil War South, which is my current duty.)

"Rocks and Water" by Deb Talan. Also a really good song for my current Southern Gothic WIP. It has that folksy slant I need without getting too overwhelming country-like. (No offense, lovers of country music!)

This song is drastically different than the other two. A dancey, electronic bit. Perfect for jogging to! (And writing club scenes, but sadly, there are none of those in SouthernGothicNovel).

What about you guys? Heard any good music lately?

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