Mar 23, 2012

friday reads: i'll be there

So, I usually don't read contemporary fiction. I'm usually drawn to fantastical fiction/paranormal (hence what I write). But I just finished this book.

Source: via Ryan on Pinterest

I discovered it via the recommendation of my critique partner, Kate Armstrong, who picked it up when she came to visit for YALLfest. It was the cover that first grabbed her (and who could blame her, it's gorgeous!!) and the story within proved to be just as lovely.

So at her behest I went down to Blue Bicycle Books and picked up a copy. Pretty cover and all.

You guys. This book almost made me cry. Which is saying something. It was so, so good. Holly Sloan's style is very informative and concise, but she manages to make the reader form intense emotional attachment to her characters. I could hardly put it down (I blame a few hours of insomnia on wondering what exactly was going to happen to these beloved characters!).

So there you have it. Read I'll Be There. It's beautiful, poignant and will stick with you.

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