Mar 13, 2012

two things on a tuesday

1. As per Laini Taylor's writing advice I have started keeping a notebook and jotting down random ideas/things that have come to inspire me throughout the day. It's funny, because I don't think I really realized how many of these things I've let pass on through without record. It's tiny things. Details and quirks in everyday life that I'd forget 2 seconds after taking note of them. So far, in the past two days, I've written fragments of poems, Bible verses and taken notes about the state of my neighbor's apartment.

2. Keeping in line with these observations, I've noticed that there's a house in Charleston that is just, well, weird. At night it is completely dark except for bright purple Christmas lights that are strung over the ENTIRE TWO STORY HOUSE. There are also orange light-bulbs in the porch lamps. Add this to the weird fragments of bones and painted stones all over the porch and you have yourself a pretty creepy place. There's also a brightly painted donkey perched on the back roof.

And you think I'm lying? 57 Chapel Street. Click the link and look it up.

At least now I know the explanation behind this offbeat display. But that really doesn't make the house any less creepy. Maybe one night I'll try to get a picture of it (if the painted donkey doesn't come alive and try to eat me).

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